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Celebrating the Life of Cecil H. Houston II

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My favorite Cecil family photo.  They are truly outlaws!

My favorite Cecil family photo. They are truly outlaws!

It is with a heavy heart that I inform the world about the passing of my brother Cecil H. Houston II, also known as “Little Cecil” and “Vato.”

Cecil was a special man.  First and foremost, he was a family man.  He loved his wife, Fantara, and he loved his four boys–Cecil III (10 years), Christian (9 years), Cahron (6 years) and Colin (5 years).  He was also a great teacher who impacted a host of young people.  Cecil was musician, performer and arranger, touching the world through music.  Cecil was also a contributing member and leader of several civic and community organizations.

The family had an absolutely wonderful holiday!  We have been together the entire holiday season.  The entire family was together for Thanksgiving.  We celebrated my birthday at our annual family Christmas breakfast and parade.  Christmas Eve Cecil’s and Rhonda’s children, Terreon and I went Christmas caroling in the community.

Democratic Party of Georgia Elects its District-Level Delegates to the Democratic National Convention

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Me and Georgia State Senator Gail Davenport

April 21, 2012


On Saturday, April 21, Georgia Democrats held elections throughout the state to determine our district-level candidates to the Democratic National Convention to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September.  Because I believe in being and have always been civically and politically engaged, because I support the guiding principles and platform of the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), and because I want to do everything I can to propel the reelection of President Barack Obama, I decided to run for a delegate position to represent the state of Georgia.  I was so excited!

Latin American Association 23rd Annual Compañeros Awards Luncheon

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Left to right: Me, Montezuma Esparza and Nick Valencia

Celebrating 40 Years of the LAA

Georgia Aquarium

April 19, 2012


Last week I attended the Latin American Association 23rd Annual Compañeros Awards Luncheon.  Held at the Georgia Aquarium on April 29, 2012, this year’s event was especially festive with the LAA celebrating 40 years! Nick Valencia, Journalist at CNN and President of the Atlanta Chapter of National Association of Latino Journalists, served as the Master of Ceremony for the event.  One of my favorite people, filmmaker and community icon Moctesuma Esparza was the keynote speaker.  I was quite looking forward to the Compañeros Luncheon, especially because it always attracts Atlanta’s most influential Latino leadership, who are making a significant impact on Georgia and the nation.

The Latin American Association Spring 2012 College Access Conference

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Georgia's youth learn all they can about college from the LAA

Kennesaw State University

April 14, 2012


The Latin American Association (LAA) in Atlanta, Georgia, is doing incredible work with our youth!  On April 14, 2012, I attended the LAA’s 3rd Annual Spring College Access Conference at Kennesaw State University.  The goal of the conference is to increase the educational attainment of Latino students so that they can and will pursue higher education.  This year college students led many of the conference workshops.  How impressive!  As the LAA inspires youth to embrace their college aspirations, it simultaneously inspires college students to develop their leadership skills.  As you can see, the LAA is making a big impact on our young people at all levels!  Congratulations to the LAA leadership Jeffrey Tapia, Executive Director; Eliezer Vélez, Director of Youth Programs; and Isabel Pérez, Managing Director of Academic Achievement for a successful conference.  I would also like to acknowledge other staff, interns and volunteers at the LAA for their commitment and hard work.  You are undeniably making an impact on our youth!

United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Southeast Regional Conference

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Georgia's Student Leaders and Me (far right)

Georgia State University 4th Annual

Latino College Leadership Summit

March 23-24, 2012


The United States Hispanic Leadership Institute held its Southeast Regional Conference in partnership with Georgia State University’s 4th Annual Latino College Leadership Summit in Atlanta last month.  Hosted on the campus of GSU, March 23-24, the conference seeks to develop the skills of Georgia-area students in order to foster leadership development within the community.  Over seventy-five students from seven colleges throughout Georgia participated in the event.  Carlos Ojeda, Jr. and Ernesto Mejía of Cool Speak were the featured speakers of the conference, and I served as one of workshop presenters.  As always, I support USHLI whenever and wherever they need me.

President Barack Obama Comes to the ATL and Raises $5 Million!

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Family with Michael Blake, Deputy Director of Obama for America 2012 (left to right): my sister Dr. Genine Irving, Me, Michael Blake, my mother Loretta Houston and my sister Dr. Rhesa Houston

The Atlanta community was absolutely elated that President Barack Obama was coming to Atlanta!  He was visiting the city to raise money for his 2012 Presidential bid.  In addition to a host of fundraising activities on March, 16, 2012, the Obama for America campaign held its national meeting of the African American Leadership Council.  During the conference leaders from across the country met to develop and implement strategies for the reelection of President Obama.  The day proceeded with a number of small private fundraisers, ranging in price from $10,000 per person to a private dinner at the home of Tyler Perry for $35,800 per person.  The President attended each of these events.  The largest fundraiser, however, was held at Tyler Perry Studios during the evening.  With tickets ranging in price from $500 to $10,000, the sold-out event attracted over 1000 ATLiens.

Texas State Historical Association 116th Annual Meeting

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Texas Scholars at the TSHA Keynote Address at Texas Southern University featuring Darlene Clark Hine, Left to right: Cary Wintz, Texas Southern University; Bernadette Pruitt, Sam Houston State University; TSHA President Merline Pitre; Darlene Clark Hine, Northwestern University; and Me

Houston, Texas

March 1-3, 2012


I had a fabulous time this year attending the Texas State Historical Association 116th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.  Organized in Austin in 1897, the Texas State Historical Association is the oldest learned society in the state.  Its mission is to “foster the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Texas and, by example and through programs and activities, encourage and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical material affecting the state of Texas.”  As an American historian focusing on Texas history, I have been a member of TSHA since graduate school and have served on several TSHA committees over the years.  TSHA is a good organization for historians focusing on Texas history to develop their skills as well as build some valuable relationships.

United States Hispanic Leadership Institute 30th National Conference

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My youngest sister Dr. Rhesa Houston, Dr. Juan Andrade and Me

Conference Theme:  “Redefining Leadership:  Transforming Our Nation”

Chicago, Illinois

February 16-19, 2012


Again, it was another spectacular United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Annual Conference.  This year the organization celebrated its 30th anniversary!  Congratulations!!!  Based in Chicago, USHLI seeks to empower Latinos and other disenfranchised groups with leadership development training and encourage civic awareness and participation in the electoral process.  Dr. Juan Andrade leads USHLI.  Dr. Andrade is passionate about service and making an impact on the Latino community, especially its youth.  The USHLI Annual Conference is the largest leadership conference of Latino college students in the country, attracting youth from colleges and universities throughout the US.  I have volunteered as a workshop presenter for the event for the last six years, and I absolutely love the conference every year!

Los Angeles Times Study Reveals That Oscar Voters Are Overwhelmingly White and Male

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Considering the Awardees, Is That a Surprise?


Every year when the Oscars roll around there is always a public discussion and criticism of the lack of African American and Latino nominees and awardees.  This year that discussion continues.  A revealing article in the Los Angeles Times by John Horn, Nicole Sperling and Doug Smith provides some explanation. Oscar voters are overwhelmingly white and male.  Is that a surprise?

A Love Letter to Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston

Dear Whitney,

I absolutely adore you and have always loved the essence of your spirit!  As a teenager, I dreamed of being on stage performing as a musical artist, and you were the goddess I sought to emulate.  Up there with Michael Jackson, you have always ranked high as one of my favorite artists of all time.  I absolutely loved and still love you!